A Good Story About The CAA

Last week I needed to change my training registration for a night rating from Lanseria Flight Centre to Aeronav Training Academy.  The simple reason is that the latter is based at Lanseria, while the former has left after hangar fees were hiked.   Lanseria Flight Centre is now based at Grand Central Airport in Midrand.  The retention of the name can be a little confusing if you phone them for training and aren’t aware that they’ve shifted location.  Flying out of Lanseria means it makes sense to sign up with Aeronav.  Not Lanseria Flight Centre.

Yeah, right.

But the reason for this latest update is paperwork – the drudgery and drollness that is aviation sometimes.  But this is a good story.  I needed to re-register for the night rating which meant filling out a page of detail followed by a scanned email sent off to the CAA.

After a few phone calls to Lanseria Flight Centre and Aeronav just to set everything up,  I filled in the document and sent it off to the CAA on Monday morning at 08h00.

Form Number CA 61-01.10
Form Number CA 61-01.10

And lo and behold!  At 09h00 I received a confirmation from Leah Ramjee, the Written Examinations Officer, who confirmed that the transfer had been concluded and I was now registered at Aeronav.

What an amazing moment.  I guess sometimes we’re a little cynical about bureaucracy (well I am) but in this instance,  the service was truly amazing.

Now about the night rating exam.. I’m studying and hope to write in the next week.  More about that in another post.

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