An SAA Airbus in the Lanseria circuit

Its not often that you get to see an Airbus doing circuits at a local airport.  The pilots aboard were really being put through their paces.  The Airbus did mostly visual landings in a tight circuit which is challenging considering the speeds.  At one point the crosswind ticked up to around 15 knots and I watched the training from my vantage point just off alpha taxiway.

A youtube video of the circuits.

That was just before a flight to Brits and Pilansberg.  I was forced to turn back as the clouds descended and visibility dropped to a thousand feet.   At one point turbulence below the ceiling was increasing and was an ideal moment to get everything set up for a rate one turn and trying to stay  on the numbers.   Cleared inbound and landed smoothly, ZS-BOR featuring audio terrain warning systems always fun!Image

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